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Our Mission

Chernobyl Experiences was founded in 2019 in a collaborative effort to bring the stories and the realities of the Chernobyl tragedy to light as they have been somewhat suppressed in the shadows of mass tourism. Our goal is to take you through the Exclusion Zone and give you an experience.  We aim to do this by our unique offerings of meeting liquidators, seeing the zone through one of our informative experiences, and customizable options.


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The bronze experience package is our standard one and you can view details by clicking the link below.


Our silver package comes with a few add-ons, such as the option for dinner and talks with liquidators.


By booking the gold package, your experience will include the silver package offers and all meals included.


The platinum package is the cream of the crop. You will have a private photographer and it is more customizable.

Day Experiences

Meet the Liquidators