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About Chernobyl Experiences & Our Mission


Chernobyl Experiences was founded in 2019 by Lucas Hixson, Aleksandra Volkova, Aram Vardanyan, and Megan Starr.

All four shared a similar passion for humanizing the Chernobyl disaster, helping those that suffered from it, and bringing in tourism to Slavutych, a city that has a lot to offer and is completely overlooked when it comes to the grand scale of what happened and the Chernobyl timeline.

The Chernobyl Experiences team knew that the tourism that was currently taking place inside of the Exclusion Zone was usually only suiting to a certain type of traveler and not catering to the desires of others.  Lucas’ extensive background in radiation and time spent at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has spearheaded the idea that there needed to be something MORE than just visiting abandoned cities for a photograph or two.

Chernobyl Experiences aims to give its guests an experience.  Tours can take you around and show you the same things that other people have already seen.  An experience will send you home with knowledge, stories, photographs, and the incessant desire to come back and learn more.

Our experiences are all unique.  We offer walk downs of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, radiation information sessions, opportunities to feed the Dogs of Chernobyl, Pripyat ‘beat the crowds’ exploration, off-the-path Exclusion Zone discoveries, and more. 

Each experience will have knowledgeable guides and the chance to book add-ons, such as a question and answers session with liquidators and those that were working the night of the accident.  

Most importantly, by booking with Chernobyl Experiences, part of the fee you pay will go to benefit the community of Slavutych and the pensioners and those affected by the tragedy who are still paying the medical consequences with their health and bills that are associated with their treatments.

Meet the Chernobyl Experiences Team

Lucas Hixson:

Aleksandra Volkova:

Aram Vardanyan:

Megan Starr:  Megan is a travel writer and digital marketer from Richmond, Virginia, USA.  She did her undergraduate studies in Marketing and her MBA in International Business.  Today, she works on multiple projects like her award-winning travel blog, Meganstarr.com with an annual readership of a couple of million people, her Armenia tourism website AbsoluteArmenia.com, a Frankfurt tourism website, and Chernobyl Experiences, where she gets to encourage people to visit one of her favorite countries, Ukraine.

Megan has a passion for tourism development and animals.  She loves supporting independent businesses and writing about the places to encourage others to do the same.  She lives part-time in Yerevan, Armenia and part-time in Frankfurt, Germany.  

Her interest in Chernobyl began when she was a child as she lived in Germany at the time of the tragedy.  While growing up, she curiously read every book and article on Chernobyl that she could get her hands on, eventually leading her to write about the topic several times over the years, including a massive research project throughout university.  She also was always curious to travel to Slavutych.

In 2016, she finally got the chance to visit Slavutych and was the first writer aside from one mega news outlet to write about the place.  She detailed her experience there and encouraged others to visit if they were heading to Kyiv and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Years later, she is excited to help Slavutych finally get the attention it deserves and is happy to be doing her part in it.

Megan has written for or been featured in National Geographic, Lonely Planet, The New York Times, Fodor’s Travel, airBaltic, Travel & Leisure, iPaper, Wizzair, Roads & Kingdoms, RFERL, and more.  She has worked with various destinations around the world in efforts to boost tourism. Some of her partners include Visit Norway, Visit Finland, Discover Kyrgyzstan, Armenia Travel, Visit Porto, Visit Faroe Islands, and more.